The Gathering Dark

Journely entrys of Luz
Journey of light starts with but one step

Pelor May your light shine down upon us and guide us along the path to your Domain of eternal light

I am writing these notes now to maintain a log of the journeys i am now taking. For the first time i have traveled away from my home and the house of my order. I am hoping this will help me to grow in the light of pelors watchful eye as i travel forth spreading his word and cleansing the land of the evils that would seek to cast a shadow over this world.Look at me a ramble i should start at the beginning then.
I was returning from my training of arms when i noticed there was a commotion on the docks. I of course proceeded to investigate, thinking maybe my skills would help to resolve what ever confrontation was taking place and that perhaps a peaceful means could be obtained. It was as i watched that the ruffians who were causing the commotion took of with the town guard in tow. At first i thought that would be the end of that, however i noticed several other gentlemen move forward with intent and query the noble looking gentlemen that disembarked from the ship.

These new men showed themselves to be the true threat to the calm of pelors beautiful day today. i was moving forward to once more try and help the situation meet a civil end when i gentleman on a horse moved ahead of me and confronted the hooligans. It was at this point the true purpose of the confrontation came to view, the nobles knight companion was brutally kicked into the water, followed promptly by the man bringing a knife to bear on the noble himself. Well i had enough i moved forward not to solve things peacefully but to bring peace by force if needed.

I have to say it is quite a blur from there, (It was my first true physical confrontation after all) The warrior on horse and i stood our ground and defended the noble against the thugs who assaulted him. I remember another man come forth to help draw the knight back to shore. Then things truly became a conflagration. It seemed that the very life around us rose up around us to hinder our path. In Short it came down to four of us being able to thwart the plans of the thugs, at least in regards to the attempt to kill the noble. I will omit names due to this nobles purpose in the lands and for his safety but it would seem that i may find my journey, in the name of pelor, just beggining. Perhaps tomorrow i will have more exciting things to write about.

When shadows are cast, and darkness comes, remember it is Pelors light which awaits us upon the dawn.


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