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Arillyean’s early life was fairly sheltered and filled with days and nights of learning to become one with the natural world around her. After leaving the safety of the Druid’s Grove, once she had acquired a sufficient amount of knowledge in the ways of druidism, she traveled the lands for several years to experience all the vast varieties of life the splendid continent had to offer. As a Druid, Arillyean considers herself to be a “living extension of nature’s will”, so when evil threatened the land, it was in her personal interest to enlist in the fight to defend it.

Coming from a very traditional elven background, she has a great respect for individualism and self sufficiency as well as harmony with the land and its creatures. Therefore she believes that taking more than one personally needs is a direct violation against the balance of nature and the laws of sustainability.

She also does not like to take the life of any other living creature, unless it is being used for sustenance or defies the laws of nature. She was raised on the belief that the great spirit of nature will sometimes give its creatures to her and others, allowing itself to be sacrificed for the sake of maintaining nature’s balance. Thusly she considers it a great offense and violation to not utilize every part of the creature to its fullest, or offer a gift (or prayer)to thank the great spirit of nature in return. Even if plants are cut and consumed, she will either plant another seed in return, or offer a prayer of thanks.

The animal companion that accompanies her on her journey (currently a dark mountain lion whom she has named Silas), is more than an ordinary pet. The bond she shares with this creature is more like the bond of a friendship between two individuals. It is mutually beneficial, and while Silas will willingly give his life to protect Arillyean, the binding roots of their friendship are based upon the trust that Arillyean will also do the same for her feline companion.


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